Screenshots, whether you’re using a phone or a computer with Windows or any other OS, can be very convenient option to show someone what is on your screen or when you’re editor wants to let you know that you’ve made mistakes in your article. But, as easy as it sounds sometimes taking a screenshot especially from someone else’s laptop can be huge blood boiler.

There’s always the option of using Snipping Tool, but sometimes even that is a lot of hard work. So, to bring warmth and comfort in your lives, here are six ways to take screenshots on Windows 10 operating system:

Print Screen

The simplest and ancient way of taking screenshots is tapping Print Screen button. The image will automatically be copied to the clipboard, and you can open it in an image editor like Microsoft Paints and save it for viewing.

Alt + Print Screen

One thing that any PC user should know is that pressing Alt + Print Screen keyboard keys result in the rise of a screenshot. To save the image, you will further need to open the shot in an image editor.

Snipping Tool

The most commonly known tool for taking screenshots in Windows has been around the market since Windows Vista first came to light. You can find this tool in Start > All Programs > Windows Accessories > Snipping Tool or just be a lazy person and write snipping tool in the search box at the bottom of the desktop.

Open this tool, click New and start snipping. The Snipping Tool cannot automatically save screenshots. Thus, you would manually have to save them with the magic keywords Ctrl+S to save the image to the computer.

Windows Key + Print Screen

The magic keyboard shortcuts that don’t just capture the entire screen but also save the image are Windows Key + Print Screen. In a dramatic way, the screen will briefly go dim which indicates that you’ve recently taken a screenshot. It can be easily viewed in the Pictures > Screenshots folder.

Windows Key + H

Want to share your entire screen with a friend? Easy, just tap Windows Key + H, which will automatically capture the entire screen and open the Windows Share toolbar so you can immediately share it with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, OneNote, etc.

Microsoft Snip

Microsoft Snip is a Microsoft Garage project and is available for windows 7 and higher operating systems. Also known as Snip Editor, this tool lets you take the screenshots of the entire screen very quickly and works better than the Snipping Tool. You can take screenshots of an active window or a manually-cropped rectangle. Also, you can set up Print Screen key as a shortcut to the Microsoft Snip tool.

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