Uber has always been appreciated for providing best security and safety preferences but the company is going through some tough times since the past few months.

Now, the Uber customers have another list of complaints against the company. Multiple users have voiced their concern over credit card charges that points towards an alleged hacking of their banking information. The users are moving to Twitter to express their distress.

Most of the complaining users are suggesting other unaffected customers to remove their debit/credit card information from the app. Twitter is clamoring with the tweets reporting against the unfair charges on their Uber account. It is possible that the cyber criminals are using their credit card information to pay for their rides.

As the Uber application is a popular part of daily transportation needs in Pakistan, so will the users here face the same issue? It does not matter until and unless the users have made all the apt precautions to keep their credit card information safe.

Uber’s Response

Uber claims that when people use same passwords for multiple accounts and it is likely that the hacker stole the user’s password from one site and got access to others.

They suggested the customers to report anything suspicious happening with their account to enable the transportation company to take action. Also, the company comforts their users by refunding and re-securing every amount that was taken by fraud.

Furthermore, they also mentioned on their official site that once the user enters their customized credit card information it is encrypted into codes.

Whilst all the chaos, Uber keeps on expanding its business as it has initiated its services in Faisalabad, also, it has planned to invest $500 million in Pakistan by 2020.