Cybercrime punished under the law

Yasir Latif has been sentenced 02 years in jail along with PKR 30,000 fine for cybercrime by Additional Session Judge Lahore under the Cybercrime Law. FIA apprehended the criminal after a female complained about the offender posting doctored personal pictures on the internet. This marks the first punishment awarded under the new law.

Yasir was accused of photoshopping and uploading the pictures of women on the internet. He confessed to his crimes in the court of law and thus paid the price. The case was decided in record time after confession.

The law clearly states any such cyber acts that cause harm to another party are not legal and are punishable offences. Many such offences have previously gone unreported or unpunished and have wreaked havoc in the lives of its victims, which makes this case a long-awaited victory for FIA in the cyber security world.

This issue has been highlighted in the mainstream media by social activists like Nighat Dad, who created a helpline for Cyber harassment that is due to launch at the start of December.

This helpline will provide anonymity to the caller making it easy for people to report cybercrime and harassment which is difficult for them otherwise. Its basic aim would be to protect those in cyberspace who cannot protect themselves.

Such measures will sure prove to lower the current cybercrime rate in the country.


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