Criminals need to worry, highly skilled Dolphin Force comes to protect citizens

Dolphin Force

The Dolphin Force is a new kind of patrolling police which government of Punjab has introduced in the city of Lahore. The force has been created with only one vision, Safe, and Secure Lahore by controlling street crimes with the help of state of the art technology and human skill.

A formal ceremony was held at Manawan Police Training Center in Lahore where the Chief Guest, Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif observed the skillset of 700 constables who passed out in the first phase.

These highly trained constables will be patrolling the streets of Lahore from today onwards for which 550 heavy bikes have been assigned to them. Each constable is equipped with special gadgets for helping him in the field.

How Dolphin Force will work

At any given place, four constables on two bikes will be watching over the assigned area, called beats, with the following gadgetry in possession of each constable.

  • A pistol around the waist (for close combat)
  • A distinctive white colored helmet equipped with Live HD cameras, a headset for communicating with the fellow constables and the headquarter as well
  • Multicolor torch lights
  • 3G enabled Android smartphones with modern policing apps
  • Waterproof walkie talkie
  • Stun Guns
  • A GPS installed on the bike for tracking the vehicle
  • Handcuffs
  • Specially designed black waterproof uniforms
  • The constable behind the driver will also carry an automatic MP5 Rifle

The squad is skilled in the following areas;

  • High-speed motorcycle driving technique
  • Position maneuvering of constables on the bikes during the chase
  • Conventional defense and intervention techniques
  • Weapon handling and firing technique during a high-speed chase
  • First responder to the crime scene
  • Communication skills for dealing with the citizens

The project of Dolphin Force is a joint collaboration of government of Punjab and Turkish government in which latter has provided the technical expertise and training whereas the former is responsible for all the hardware & accessories, infrastructure, and human resource.

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The credit for completing the training process to the first batch of squad goes to the SSP of Turk police, Mr. Murad, and his Pakistani team comprising of 25 officials who did the job in mere 120 days.

In the first phase government of Punjab has allocated Rs. 5 billion for the purchase of bikes, accessories and the salary of the squad as well.

The fund will also be used for the construction of Dolphin Squad’s headquarters and the regional offices.

“The headquarter will be located in the police lines in Lahore whereas every division of Lahore will have a sub-office of the newly introduced force,” confirmed an official of the Lahore Police

Pakistan is included in the list of countries where the remuneration level of police officials is lowest which becomes one of the root causes for some staff members to get involved in corrupt practices.

“A constable of new Dolphin Force will enjoy a salary package much better than what a regular police constable takes. Apart from this, an 8-hour duty slot has been fixed for every constable, which is also contrary to what is usually practiced in the police department in Pakistan,” official further told.

Can 700 constables protect the whole city?

Lahore is a place for more than 10 million inhabitants and the ever growing number badly needs a proper law & order plan. Govt. of Punjab plans to raise the number of Dolphin Squad and some 2,500 more constables have yet to join the squad in the coming months. Only the performance of the first batch will confirm that how early government is ready to invest in the next lots.

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Why the name Dolphin

Dolphin is known for its speed and friendliness to the human beings and the environment. At the same time, this fish is known for remarkable intelligence which is considered higher than what other living being on earth.

The animal can find dead bodies in the water and also guides lost ships to the coast. Not only that, it can counter the deadly sharks when needed. This special police squad has been named after this animal for the diversity of skills it has.

History of Dolphin Force

It is important to mention here that Dolphin police was initially established in 1973 in Istanbul Turkey. It was a rapid response motorbike police unit. The most modern and advanced heavy motorcycles, weapons, and other equipment were given to this force. A distinctive uniform of black and red color was designed for Dolphin Force. The black color represented the power of the government while red color denoted activeness.

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