Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi, the actor, activist, and political figure has received notice from Punjab government over posting a status on his Facebook page which criticized the government over the issue of child abduction in the province, a new status of the celebrity on the Facebook account confirmed. The notice has been served under the newly introduced Cybercrime bill, ARY reported in its TV report.

The notice refers to a false Facebook post by the actor regarding ‘child abduction’ as an attempt to malign the provincial government and spreading fear among the public.

As per a new status of Hamza Ali Abbasi, the government has sent a prosecution notice for spreading false rumors about 900 children getting kidnapped from Lahore and spreading “fear” among the public.

Hamza publicly responds to the government on social media that he quoted the stats that he took from reputed media outlets.

“Being a common man, I get my news and facts from News Channels and Newspaper articles,” Hamza justified his position while mentioning the URLs of August 3rd stories of various news outlets including The Nation, Samaa TV and Awaz Today.

Earlier on August 3, Hamza Ali Abbasi posted stats on the abduction of kidnapped children in the province and the Lahore city as well and moreover criticized the PML (N) government.

The notice came after an unconfirmed report ARY run on August 30 mentioning the concerns of Chief Minister Punjab who has given orders to all the concerned departments for monitoring and taking action against all the individuals and groups on social media who are maligning the government by either ridiculing through graphical content or spreading false information. ARY reports that direction has been given under cybercrime bill.

Sources at Lahore Police and CM Secretariat countered the news and replied that the Chief Minister had given no such order. The Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has also condemned the Facebook status and termed it false. While talking to Samaa, he warned if Hamza Ali Abbasi didn’t officially respond to the notice, government would take action by applying relevant laws.


  1. Hamza Abbasi..a true star of our Television a well knowledge person some people always working behind the scene..even couple of weeks back the issue about..Qaidiyanis..in his morning show.. so..in Kuwait sector we are worries about these issued…to be done smoothly..Tariq Iqbal


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