Cybercrime in Pakistan despite the introduction of law is not getting any better. According to the recent data, around 65% of cybercrime complaints lodged in Karachi involve online harassment over the popular social media platform, Facebook, reports Express Tribune.

After the Prevention of Electronic Crime Act, 2016 was passed, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) became the primary authority to investigate the complaints related to online space in Pakistan.

As we reported last year, FIA faces a dearth of resources and is only equipped with the cybercrime law but not the tools to effectively tackles all violations happening in the cyber world.

FIA has to deal with quite a lot of issues like hacking, social media accounts, spamming, online harassment, abuse and stalking, ATM skimming, child pornography, phishing, lottery scams and many more but it lacks the resources including the right manpower, digital and state of the art equipment to handle the complaints effectively in time.

The authorities launched Cybercrime Complaint Portal in Sindh where people can lodge their complaints online regarding harassment, online abuse, etc. The government apart from providing the right tools to the investigative authority also needs to educate people about what constitutes a cybercrime like stalking or harassing people on Facebook etc. to make them realize that just because they are on their computer doesn’t mean they won’t be held accountable for their actions.

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