The controversial cybercrime law has been amended to expand the scope of its jurisdiction. Now apart from FIA, Punjab Police can also lodge FIR against any complaint.

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The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act was introduced last year to battle the digital evil in Pakistan. Since then many cases have been registered with the Cybercrime Wing of FIA but still many have gone unreported due to lack of awareness among the masses.

Reportedly FIA will provide all the technical assistance to the Punjab Police to deal with the cybercrimes and the people behind such acts.

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Earlier this month, we also observed that Safe Cities Authority was also blocking social media pages/ accounts in Pakistan. It is yet to be seen that whether the extension of rights to Punjab Police in the cybercrime law will create chaos due to the presence of numerous investigative parties or serve as a helping hand to fight the digital war.

As we previously reported, Punjab is seeing an alarming rise in cybercrime where 1612 cases have been reported in just 5 months.

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According to the report released by the Digital Rights Foundation, in the first six months, 44% of the callers that sought assistance on their Cyber Harassment helpline belonged to Punjab.