Daewoo Express Buses; an embodiment of pathetic customer service

Once upon a time, Daewoo Bus Service was my preferred choice of transportation, but now I can’t think of the worst way to travel. Being an avid traveler, the choice of transportation is just as important to me as the destination.

Small things like when your bus will leave and when it will reach its destination make a huge impact for planning your travel, and there was a time when you could schedule your meeting according to the time Daewoo Bus service claims it will reach its destination. But now, good luck with even leaving from the terminal at the specified time.

You think I’m just typing away my anger? Well, for a person who is traveling on Daewoo Bus service for the past five years with around 2-3 trips a month, you feel the gradual dismay in their overall service. So here I’ll break down six major reasons why I think Daewoo’s service is the new PIA:


As I said before, the timing of their trips used to be so precise that I could schedule a meeting or plan out my activities based on when the bus was said to reach its destination. Now, most of the time I am standing at the terminal with bags whereas the bus which was scheduled to leave half an hour ago hasn’t even arrived for boarding. It is especially worse when there are special holidays, as sometimes you’ve got to wait for more than an hour for your bus to come and sweep you away to where it is one wants to go.

Condition of Buses

Now when I say the condition of buses are bad, I’m not referring to their new Gold Class Volvo Buses or the ones that they use for their main routes like Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Karachi, etc. I’m talking about the ones they use forse traveling to places like Sargodha (which I frequently visit) when I say the condition of their buses is just pathetic.

While traveling around 70 percent of their buses feels like a shaking tornado on steroids as you can get all your Rickshaw vibes while traveling on the motorway. Last night on my supposed 2:30-hour trip which turned into more than 3 hours of frustration filled journey, I couldn’t help but wonder if they even pay attention to their buses or not. During my travel, I struggled with my seat which didn’t seem to get that I want it to move back a little so I could take a quick nap and kept on coming to an upright position as soon as there was a sudden shift in weight.

It is not the first time that their worn out, unfixed seats have caused discomfort. Many times you have to travel for 4-5 hours with such discomfort, and you arrive at your place with a case of a backache. Talking more about the condition of Daewoo Buses, their headphones and jacks placed at your seat for listening to music or movies, never seem to work properly. The headphones will likely never work, and thus you are most likely to hear music with the sound coming to one ear and not to the other. Also, why can’t we have Wi-Fi in every bus?

Customer Service

I remember when Daewoo started the concept of Bus hostess; we all went nuts as it was never done before in Pakistan. We would be greeted by a welcoming person, but now I always feel that I’ve wronged them somehow to get such cold response, where asking for a different headphone because the first one didn’t work or requesting a seat pillow guarantees me killer looks.

The food provided on the bus is spot on pathetic as I mostly wonder, why do they still keep up this practice of serving an awful sandwich. If they can’t afford anything good just let us know, why keep treating us like idiots who can never tell the difference between good and bad food. Also, we get it that many people in Pakistan don’t know the first thing about making a queue but maybe try enforcing it a bit would help many such folks like me who still don’t know how to push someone to get to the counter


Bus cancellations are okay f they happen sometimes but most of the time canceling someone’s bus and informing them a few hours back; Not Cool. Maybe it is hard for them to understand, but some people have important appointments in another city that they’ve planned in regards to their departure time and catching the next bus is not really an option. Why put up so many timings of buses for the customers when you don’t have enough buses.

One major problem with the cancellations, you have to call them to reschedule your travel and if the next bus is full, then good luck. It has happened more than twice that I’ve called them to rebook me as my bus has been canceled and the other person on the phone assured me that the message sent to me was a mistake and bus would leave at its designated time. But on reaching the terminal, I was told that they sent me the message that my scheduled bus was canceled I should have booked my seat again.


I don’t know how many others feel it too, but their drivers many times drive like their competing in NASCAR cause no sane person would drive like crazy and give people jolts of panic with using a brake at the last moment. I even got a bump once from getting hit in the face with the front seat because my driver couldn’t see a car in broad daylight. I wonder how they test out their drivers before handing over the responsibility for the lives of their customers.

Lack of Comfort

It used to provide a comfortable experience once, but now I can’t wait to get off the bus. Many of their buses on smaller routes have old buses with no leg room and small seats where a person can’t help but wonder; Why Me? Daewoo Bus Service was the epitome of comfortable and luxury travel but the changing dynamic of the industry has taken quite a toll at the service. Since their inception, they run on the same model of bus service and still haven’t brought any new innovative changes to their original bus service.

Think I’ve missed something? Let me know your experience in the comments.

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