Dawlance Health Zone Plus keeps the insects away from food

Dawlance Health Zone Plus refrigerator

For a healthy life, it is very important to keep your family members away from the germs. The unsanitary conditions such as dirty laundry or leftover food kitchen counter attract cockroaches and insects. We can see cockroaches, insects, and even rats in most of the houses in Pakistan. Dawlance Health Zone Plus is a new series of appliances that keeps the insects away from your food.

As per details, Pakistani electronics company, Dawlance has introduced the advanced insect repellant technology which has an ability to ward off insects, usually found in kitchens, washrooms and surrounding areas without any damage to the environment as it is chemical free.

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Embedded in appliances like refrigerator, microwave ovens and washing machines, this technology helps the consumers in living a healthy and clean life. The latest television commercial campaign by Dawlance reveals a more detailed insight into the need for this technology.

The chemical free insect repellent inside the Dawlance Health Zone Plus is harmless to adults and children alike. Working with the vision of providing customers with innovative solutions, Dawlance’s Health Zone Plus series of appliances are multi-functional. The added health benefit offered by these products proves to be a source of convenience and reliability for its consumers.

Insects are very harmful to human health if they come inside your food. It has been observed many times that if an insect is found in a plate of a person’s meal, he simply throws it out of the dish and starts eating the food again. You may think after throwing the insect, the food is safe to be eaten again.

But, in fact, insect lays eggs inside the foods, and the person unknowingly eats these eggs. These eggs of the insects are the cause of a lot of serious diseases like cancer, and asthma. They form bacterias once entered into your body.

Dawlance Health Zone Plus is a solution to these germs. There are many refrigerators and other appliances available in the market, but none of them come with this unique technology except Dawlance.

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