Dawlance new range of refrigerators is the perfect example of technology with heart. With the launch of H-Zone Plus series back in June, the company is helping Pakistani consumers in adopting a healthier lifestyle without any effort. Here and now Dawlance has launched its new state-of-the-art refrigerator model 9175WB, 9188WB & 91996 HZP Premium Black with a sleek new handle and classy sheet under its Health Zone Plus series.

These refrigerators appropriately cup tie with the needs of today’s consumers for a healthy lifestyle. The Premium Black refrigerator has been unveiled with technologically advanced features designed for great aesthetics and advanced functionality for the greater experience. This model is a complete package all together.

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Because of built in Health Light, this latest model preserved food from bacteria and keeps the food especially fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time.

Dawlance has introduced the advanced insect repellant technology in the Premium Black refrigerator which has an ability to ward off insects, usually found in kitchens, washrooms and surrounding areas without any damage to the environment as it is chemical free. These refrigerators emit sound waves which keep insects away from the refrigerator and its surrounding area.

These refrigerators stand best catering to the health conscious market segment with a complete new look. The Category Head Refrigerators & Freezers, Ali Wahid said, “We at Dawlance continuously strive to upgrade and adapt our products based on market feedback. The introduction of Health Zone Plus Premium Black promises to be more appealing to the customers. This new design of refrigerators is an ode to Dawlance’s long-term commitment to providing the continuous solution to every strata of society. Such innovation enables health conscious consumers to lead a healthy and balanced life.”

Once again Dawlance has proved to be the number one choice for the users. There are many refrigerators and other appliances available in the market, but none of them come with this unique technology except Dawlance. The new HZP is convenient and affordable for anyone buying any technologically advanced kitchen appliances.


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