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Dawlance Launches Washing Machine with DC Motor

Dawlance has unveiled its new series of Solar Washing Machines, that will cater to the growing segment of consumers in Pakistan who run their appliances on 12 Volts DC current, through alternate sources like Solar-Power Plus battery. Its BLDC technology is compatible with all sources giving 12 Volts DC output.

For the first time in Pakistan, the Dawlance Solar Plus washing machines run on a DC motor that comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Due to its ‘Brushless DC (BLDC) motor’ technology, the washing machine promises great benefits for the consumers.

The new products address the major concerns and challenges faced by Pakistani consumers. Unfortunately, the Grid supply in many areas across Pakistan is not regular, while in many areas it is not even available. This scarcity of power in rural or remote regions has led to a growing number of consumers relying on solar panels and stored battery power.

Highlighting the features of Dawlance Solar Plus series, the Head of Marketing at Dawlance – Hasan Jamil said, “Dawlance BLDC motor runs on 12 Volts DC current from Solar and battery power, to promise 30% energy saving and completely ‘Silent’ operations.”

In this motor, a higher percentage of electricity is converted into rotational force, and lesser power is lost as heat energy. It drastically reduces the noise levels in the house, with its lower sound decibel reading.

The basic difference in this technology is that; ‘Grid Power Supply’ is AC current, while Solar power gives 12 Volts DC current. These motors do not run on A/C current. Dawlance has thus ventured into the new market of 12 Volts DC electronics in Pakistan.

Previously, the consumers had no option to buy a branded product, that directly runs on Solar or Battery power at home.

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