CES 2017: Dell Latitude 7285 is first-of-its-kind wireless charging laptop

DELL Latitude 7285

Dell has announced its 2-in-1 Latitude 7285 laptop and it is not an ordinary device because the company has added a unique feature, which is not available on any other laptop.

Dell’s new Latitude 7285 comes with the wireless charging technology, so if you are tired of untangling the wires of your charger and want to try something new, then this new business laptop could become your next cool gadget. It is a hybrid laptop and it can be charged using Dell’s wireless charging pad. But, what method does it use?

How Dell Latitude 7285’s wireless charging works?

Well, the keyboard of this laptop wirelessly connects to the charging pad to charge its battery. Moreover, all of the parts of this laptop are fixed inside the screen and you can attach it to its keyboard. According to Dell, the company wants to bring revolutionary products to its customers and it wants to improve the mobility of its laptops.

Aside from the wireless charging keyboard, the Dell Latitude 7285 comes with two other keyboards, which feature power pack with four hours of battery life and have the keys that are made in a more desktop-like style. The company has not yet announced the price for this laptop but it has said that the product will be available in May, this year.

A number of big and small companies are introducing unique laptops at the CES 2017 event and one such example is the Razer’s Project Valerie, which comes with the three screens. It is the world’s first laptop to come with this kind of display. The product is designed for the game lovers.

Furthermore, HP’s Elitebook X360 is a business laptop that comes with fully High-Definition (HD) screen and 16GB RAM. The laptop was also unveiled at the CES 2017 and it runs on the latest operating system from Microsoft (Windows 10).

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