Destination Mars program by Nasa and Microsoft sends people to Mars

Nasa has partnered with Microsoft to “virtually” send people to the Mars, under a new program, called Destination Mars, using the Microsoft HoloLens. But, you have to go to the US if you want to participate in this mission.

Destination Mars is an adventure as well as fun for the people who want to see the Mars and are interested in space. The idea is to explore virtually the Mars using software, called OnSight, developed by Microsoft and Nasa, to get the pictures and other kinds of information, gathered by the Curiosity Rover in 2012.

The exhibition also uses HoloLens, a wearable device by Microsoft, which projects the images of any place directly into the wearer’s eye, giving the wearer a real feel of that location. Destination Mars will launch this summer at the Nasa’s Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex in Florida, USA.

So hurry up and book your ticket for the US, because chances like these don’t come very often. The mission will help the individuals to understand the red planet. It is worth mentioning here that Microsoft previously sent its HoloLens device to the Mars for the purpose of testing. It was tested on Mars for 340 days.


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