DIG Haider Ashraf
DIG operations, Haider Ashraf

We often observe the police constables taking the bribe from the public on the security checkpoints in the city. There is no one to stop them from openly doing this illegal activity. In case a citizen denies giving them the money, the constables threat him in various ways. But, now, there is great news for all the people of Lahore.

As per details, after the reports started coming in the media regarding the acceptance of the bribe on the police checkpoints that were set up on all the entrance and exit gateways of the Lahore city, the staff on the check posts have been replaced.

The DIG operations of Lahore Police said that a criminal case will be registered against the law-enforcement officers who misbehave with the citizens or take the bribe from them.

On the instructions of the DIG operations Haider Ashraf, an investigation team was established. Six Deputy Superintendent (DSPs) monitored it. The team carried out the research and presented the report about the corrupt police officers and the constables designated on the police check posts.

In the light of the study, the DIG operations replaced all the corrupt officers. Haider Ashraf stated that the constables have been assigned the duties of monitoring the CCTV cameras on the police checkpoints.

Not only the police constables are known for taking the bribe, but recently, it was reported that the four constables of the newly established Dolphin police force were also suspended for taking the cash from a drug dealer.

These corrupt constables of the Dolphin squad were also involved in setting a monthly deal with the drug supplier for selling the drugs.


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