Digital Growth Catalysts

Without a doubt, the world is on the cusp of exponential growth on the digital front. Historically, there have been various times when digital evolution and innovation has truly amazed us. While digitization and technology hold the amazing promise of progress and prosperity for any country, Pakistan in particular still faces a lot of challenges in this regard. It really needs tweaks in policies and rapid growth in IT infrastructure that can act as catalysts for growth.

Pakistan has the human capital, the foundational elements of infrastructure as well as opportunities required to further build upon our digital landscape. The thing that is now needed is the overall understanding of this phenomenon, the will of the people and a collective partnership between all stakeholders to take it where it needs to go. According to PTA, there are around 317 million people using telecommunication services in one way or the other. Therefore, there is a potential and scope for future growth in making Pakistan truly digital and giving the consumers a seamless and superior experience.

In this regard, we see a lot of events, forums, and collaborations where this movement is given a push to take it to the next level. Such an initiative is the ‘Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industries Smart Technology 2020’ event that was recently held on the 3rd & 4th of February 2020 at a local hotel in Rawalpindi. Aimed to promote state-of-the-art technology brands and innovators from across Pakistan, the event honored Pakistani companies leading at the helm of cutting edge technology and innovation. One such company leading the digital front was PTCL who participated as a lead sponsor of the two-day exhibition.

PTCL Digital Service

The event started with a conference that promoted digital exports and automation. It was inaugurated by Federal Secretary, Ministry of IT, Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, whereas Governor Punjab, Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, was the Chief Guest for the second half of the conference.

Secretary MoIT, Governor Punjab, Chairman Board of Investment Punjab and other dignitaries visited the stalls in the exhibition hall, where various ICT companies and universities exhibited their innovative products and ideas. During their visit to PTCL stall, they were briefed by Executive Vice President, Digital Services, Basharat Qureshi, and General Manager Digital Services Suleman Awan, about PTCL’s contribution to Digital Pakistan and how connectivity and communication provide convenience, ease, and economic growth. The briefing was about PTCL serving the corporate sector through its Tier-III Certified Data Centers and Cloud Computing Services. The visitors appreciated PTCL’s contribution to the digital and B2B domain through the initiatives supporting the idea of digital and prosperous Pakistan.

A panel discussion was held on ‘Business Automation with Smart technologies’ where Suleman Awan, elaborated on how PTCL is serving the corporate sector by providing the latest IT, ICT, cloud and connectivity services across Pakistan. He explained how they are trying to add value to the vision of Digital Pakistan by ensuring easy and affordable access to innovators and entrepreneurs through PTCL’s digital infrastructure.

The chamber leadership concluded the event by presenting shields and mementos which were received by Suleman Awan and GM Cloud Services, PTCL, Nabeel Amjad.

In conclusion, the potential of Pakistan’s ICT service exports can be gauged from the fact that in the case of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) segment, according to Oxford Internet Institute, Pakistan stands at number three. In yet another segment, freelancing, according to, Pakistan is among the top four. With the pace at which the industry is changing, we can hope to see a Digital Pakistan very soon.

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