Digital media is rising in Pakistan; this is what PTI government is telling all the conventional media outlets who are undergoing a substantial financial crisis. Many of them have shut down offices, and even the leading media houses of likes GEO, Jang Group, Express are consistently firing their human resource since they are feeling the heat and facing the economic crunch.

We earlier reported that the government of Pakistan had decided to make a new media monitoring authority, PMRA, that will keep an eye on all three forms of media in Pakistan; print, electronics and digital. 

The reason behind the establishment of such authority is the natural convergence of all forms of media into one – Digital.

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary once again maintained his stance while pushing the media houses to transform themselves with the latest trends in the technology. He says the government can not favor media anymore, especially, when it does not have the financial capacity to subsidize the hajj pilgrims even. 

If you are stranger to technology and future changes, there is no way you can survive today.

Why is digital media in Pakistan shaking the conventional one?

  1. Print media is getting shrunk, not because the advertising business in Pakistan is declining, but, spending is shifting from print and electronic media to digital which is getting bigger with each passing day.
  2. The reason media houses are either squeezing or shutting down because they did not embrace the technology well in time. Their business feasibility based on government’s media spending.
  3. The government of Pakistan hugely relied on Print and TV in the past. Earlier governments inflated the media spending out of proportion that created an artificial stream of revenues for the media industry. In contrast, the present government has changed the course and now one-third of its advertising spend will go to the digital media.
  4. According to the new policy, the government thinks, it should act like one of the clients to the media houses and not act like a savior. It should be taken just like other private organizations for media budgets.
  5. The ruthless advancement in technology buried the fax machine deep in just a few years after its birth. Text messaging has been replaced by WhatsApp and so is the email partly.
  6. A mobile phone is the new media now. We can find all three mediums in this small device. Newspaper, TV channels and social media have converged into this little gadget.
  7. International players such as Google and Facebook takes away billions of rupees every year from Pakistan. Only this year, Rs. 7 billion advertising was witnessed. Government wishes to stop this outflow of money, and this is why it is pursuing social media giants to open their offices in Pakistan so that the local economy could get the benefit of this advertising budget.
  8. Some 42 universities and colleges in Pakistan are awarding journalism degrees to thousands of youngsters every year. At present, there is no proper way to educate them on digital media and instead of teaching them the conventional style reporting, there is a need to teach the latest trends. Universities and media must educate newcomers on blogging, web tv, and vlogging.
  9. The government spent Rs. 850 million on Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) every year. To save a big chunk of this money, when it tried to transform old-style news agency into a digital organization, it was shocking to know that two-thirds of the workforce didn’t know to use emails.
  10. Fawad predicts, in the future, instead of news, media budgets will be spent more on sports, entertainment, etc.
  11. Netflix and EROS are coming to Pakistan. EROS just bought a local drama serial for USD 450,000.