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Pakistan has been hopping towards the emergence and implementation of advanced technologies that have brought around the era of digitization but now it is moving past this stage to conquer the realm of digitalization.

Often people confuse the two things as they sound the same but let us assure you that it’s not a spelling mistake but an actual concept. Digitization refers to changing from analog to digital form and digitalization is using digital technologies to produce value-producing opportunities.

With the recent advancement in IT, we have transformed huge amounts of data into digital facts and figures that with the right techniques can help to further the digitalization process.

Aamir Ibrahim DIGIMARK 2017 digitalization
Aamir Ibrahim, CEO Jazz

Aamir Ibrahim, CEO Jazz understands that with the advancing times, we need to employ digitalization not just in our organization but on a much broader scale. He relayed his opinion in the opening session of DIGIMARK 2017 conference saying;

“Digitalization is about challenging ourselves and making sure that we are using technology to the best of our advantage in everything that we do as an organization or as a country.”

Adnan Shahid DIGIMARK 2017 digitalization
Adnan Shahid, CCO PTCL

Adnan Shahid, Chief Commercial Officer PTCL while talking in the same session revealed that people in Pakistan and also around the world now prefer digital content as compared to the traditional mediums.

PTCL went from analog to digital many years ago but the actual challenge is moving past that development and using the digital resources for creating better experience and services.

The company now employs Artificial Intelligence in their customer support operations to increase the productivity of its employees and provide better service to its users.

Since the last few years, we have seen the public sectors move aggressively in the digital eco-system especially Punjab government who has integrated digital solution in different sectors like health, education, development, budget allocation etc.

Adil Iqbal Khan DIGIMARK 2017 digitalization
Adil Iqbal Khan, Director Software Engineering PITB

Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman PITB was invited to the conference but sadly he couldn’t make it owing to his busy schedule. In his stead, Adil Iqbal Khan, Director Software Engineering PITB gave the attendees of DIGIMARK 2017 a glimpse of how technology can make lives of the citizens easier.

For instance, Crime Mapping keeps records of all the crime that happened in a certain vicinity that can help the authorities decide whether they need to deploy additional units in a certain place at any given time.

DIGIMARK is the brain child of Mr. Zain Majid Founder of TEC. The annual conference was conceived seven years ago to provide a forum for the public and private leaders to discuss the digital future of the country.

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