Discounted Prices of QMobile Phones at Daraz Mobile Week 2017

Daraz Week Deals 2017

Daraz Mobile Week 2017 is finally here and it has so much for you in the Patari” like the previous Black Friday Deals and yearly huge discount deals on the mobile phone brands. Pakistanis always enjoy these deals hitting the edge.

This time you have your chance to take advantage of the mega deals, introduced by Daraz Mobile Week 2017, in which famous mobile phone brands offer up to 75%, where the most circulated brand of Pakistan, QMobile gives you 5% to 27% discount on your favorite smartphones.

List of Mega Deals for QMobile Phones

Here is a compiled list of Discounted QMobile phone you can get:

  • QMobile Energy X2: Price was: Rs/-11,124, Discounted Price: Rs/-8,899
  • QMobile M6 LITE: Price was: Rs/-14,078, Discounted Price: Rs/-11,578
  • QMobile Noir S6: Price was: Rs/-10,940, Discounted Price: Rs/- 8,752
  • QMobile Noir LT750: Price was: Rs/-12,499, Discounted Price: Rs/-9,999
  • QMobile Noir X700 Pro II: Price was: Rs/-7,880, Discounted Price: Rs/-6,304
  • QMobile LT650: Price was: Rs/-9,270, Discounted Price: Rs/-7,416
  • QMobile M6: Price was: Rs/-26,120, Discounted Price: Rs/- 23,620
  • QMobile Energy X1:: Price was: Rs/-9,270, Discounted Price: Rs/-7,416
  • QMobile X700 Pro – Dual Sim: Price was: Rs/-8,715, Discounted Price: Rs/-6,972
  • QMobile Noir S6s: Price was: Rs/-10,197, Discounted Price: Rs/-8,158
  • QMobile Noir J7 Pro: Price was: Rs/-15,937, Discounted Price: Rs/-13,437
  • QMobile Z12 Pro: Price was: Rs/-17,150, Discounted Price: Rs/-14,650
  • QMobile M96: Price was: Rs/-6,490, Discounted Price: Rs/- 5,192
  • QMobile Noir E1: Price was: Rs/-13,230, Discounted Price: Rs/-10,730
  • QMobile Noir Z14: Price was: Rs/-22,050, Discounted Price: Rs/-19,550
  • QMobile X700 Pro Lite: Price was: Rs/-6,953, Discounted Price: Rs/-5,562

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Choose your favorite smartphone and replenish yourself from the very grand deal of the year!

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