All districts to soon have their own NADRA offices

NADRA to offices

Federal interior minister, Ch.Nisar has announced to open NADRA offices in all the districts of Pakistan, so that citizens can be issued with passports and ID cards with greater ease and facility.

He made this announcement while inaugurating the online complaint system of NADRA in Islamabad. He also announced to open such mega centers of NADRA in all the districts of Pakistan, by focusing on Karachi to be the next one.

While talking to journalists on this occasion, he further told that government has planned to make the data registration process more transparent and efficient as no country can send someone in Pakistan by using fake documents, It has tried to make the NADRA more trustworthy and corruption free institute. He informed that as part of clean up process, almost 700 NADRA employees have already been dismissed.

He further added that they have already abandoned more than 29 thousand fake passports, in a process to make NADRA free from any discrepancies. They wouldn’t tolerate any indiscipline; Few people have brought shame to the authority, and if any employee commits such crime then he would be suspended without the discrimination of any rank.

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Interior minister also told that citizens would be provided with more facilitation by giving an opportunity to lodge the complaint, as every center will have a complaint registration form. Further, the authority officials and employees would also be advised to cater to the needs of citizens in a professional manner and without any delay.

Interior minister, didn’t limit himself to the matters of Passport and I.D cards, he took his time to slam those who incite violence on social media and use this platform to spread anarchy in the country. He expressed his commitment to stop anyone who tries to disrupt peace in the country by invoking the masses to launch protests or lock down any city.

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