Dolphin Force no longer allowed to check documents of vehicles

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Dolphin Force SOP

Earlier, it was reported by the media outlets that the motorcycles provided to the Dolphin force are not registered. This force can be seen checking the registration of the vehicles and licenses of ordinary people on the road, but it is a big question that Dolphin’s motorbikes are unregistered.

Now, a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been issued, which says that the squad will not be allowed to check the documents of the vehicles.

According to the details, for the working process of the Dolphin force, a new SOP has been issued by the senior officers. According to this new SOP, the Dolphin Force will not be allowed to check the documents and licenses of vehicles on the roads of the city.

Their Primary Duty

The authorities announced that the Dolphin Squad was created for patrolling on the roads, and they were provided with the Android-powered smartphones with the modern policing apps pre-installed. These apps are capable of tracking any vehicle by just entering its number. The apps automatically tell if the vehicle is genuine.

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The new SOP clearly states that if an official of the squad sees a mysterious vehicle, instead of stopping the vehicle, he should follow it while it is moving, and trace it with the help of the smartphone application. The dolphin force will not be allowed to create blockades on the road.

Change of Duty Timings

Due to the very hot weather in the city, the constables of the Dolphin force were falling unconscious, the police high-ups have now decided to change the timings of the Dolphin squad.

The duty timings of the Dolphin force in the areas of Cantt, Model Town, and Civil Lines division are now 2 PM to 10 PM. The duty timings of the officers in the Sadar and Iqbal town division are now 3 PM to 11 PM.