Recently, Government of Punjab introduced dolphin force in Lahore to protect the citizens. The force was launched to keep an eye on the unlawful acts in the city by patrolling the roads on their motorbikes. But unfortunately, the department has fallen short of efforts for keeping the force stain free.

According to the details as reported by Dunya, Excise and Taxation Department Punjab says that all of the motorcycles provided to the Dolphin Squad have not been registered so far.

The administration also announced that the Department of Police needs to pay Rs. Three crores to the Excise if it wants to register 300 heavy motorbikes of 550-CC, which are provided to the first batch of Dolphin Police Force.

It seems like Dolphin Force is in trouble now. The force can be seen checking the registration of the vehicles and licenses of ordinary people on the road, but it is a big question that Dolphin’s motorbikes are unregistered. Well, no worries, everything is fair and possible in Pakistan.

The police high-ups are also convincing the government of Punjab to release more funds so the pay scale of Dolphin Squad could be upgraded which is equal to an ordinary constable at the moment.

The department is also in talks with Honda for opening a state of the art repair and maintenance workshop in Lahore for the 550-CC bikes the squad uses.

On the day of the passing-out parade of Dolphin Force, Shahbaz Sharif was much excited and said that this force will crush the crime in Lahore. He also stated that this force would be extended to four more cities of Punjab.

The force works on the pattern of Turkish Dolphin Squad, which is something exciting for Pakistani who are already fed up with conventional policing in the country. But, the provincial government will need to take care of the affairs primarily to keep the force clean and the moral high for making it a successful model, if further such initiatives are to be taken in the coming months.