Dolphin Squad taking bribe
image: The News

There have been a lot of controversies against the Dolphin squad since the launch of this force. People, on social networking websites, are making fun of this police and saying that how a force that is unable to protect itself will protect the citizens?

According to a new report, four constables of the Dolphin force have been suspended for letting a drug dealer do the unlawful business in their area after taking the bribe. An inquiry has been initiated.

A few weeks ago, the Dolphin team of the Model Town Link Road caught a drug dealer, namely Qaiser. 1.5 kg of narcotics were recovered from him. The Dolphin constables, instead of taking the drug dealer to the police station, left him free after taking the bribe of Rs. 90,000 from him.

Constables of the Dolphin squad fixed a monthly deal with drug dealer

The four constables of the Dolphin squad settled a monthly deal with the drug supplier for selling the drugs.

The partners of the drug supplier registered a complaint against the constables of the Dolphin force, on which, superintendent of police (SP), Mujahid suspended all of the four constables after the claim was proved to be true in the initial reports.

The SP has ordered to restart the inquiry against the Dolphin constables Shahbaz Saleem, Muhammad Afzal, Aamir, and Muhammad Shahbaz. The police have also arrested the drug dealer Qaiser and registered a case against him.

Recently, it was revealed that the motorcycles that were provided to the Dolphin force were unregistered. After which, the authorities banned the Dolphin from checking the documents of the vehicles by standing on the roads.

Moreover, due to the hot weather in the city, the constables of the Dolphin force were falling unconscious, so the police high-ups decided to change the timings of the Dolphin squad. Despite all the issues, the government has the plan to extend this force to the other cities of Punjab.


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