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How to Donate to Supreme Court Dam Fund by Sending an SMS

Pakistan is among the countries where the water level is depleting at a very steady rate. We have reached a situation where every Pakistani has only 1,000 cubic meters of water at its disposal. On one hand, there is no water available for a huge chunk of the population and on the other hand, the streets are Lahore are cleaned every day with 30,500 liters of drinking water by the Lahore Waste Management Company.

The state of emergency compelled the Chief Justice of Pakistan to create the Supreme Court Dam Fund where anyone can donate to take part in the construction of Diamer Basha and Mohmand Dams in Pakistan. And now, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced to merge Chief Justice Fund and Prime Minister Fund so that people from all over the world could send their contributions to a single bank account.

Check out the jaw-dropping facts as highlighted by PM Imran Khan about the water crisis in Pakistan.

How To Donate?

If you want to make the donation directly in the State Bank’s account or do it through SMS, you can have a look at the following two ways but But there are several other ways for overseas Pakistanis and even local residents for making the donation.

1- State Bank

You can send your donations directly to an account in the State Bank of Pakistan. The numbers and details are mentioned below.

Supreme Court Dam fund

2- SMS

Alternatively, you can also make small contributions as low as Rs. 10 to the Supreme Court Dam Fund by sending SMS from mobile phones.

  • The user shall type “dam”.
  • Send SMS to 8000.

The user will also receive a confirmation message with gratitude.

This service is available for both prepaid and postpaid customers with no additional taxes at all. Only Rs 10 will be debited from your balance.

The chief justice has passed a short but historic judgment for the construction of both dams while hearing a case against water scarcity. SBP has established a dam fund account under the direct guidance of the Supreme Court, for the construction of the above dams. The account will receive donations from the public and will be used solely for the construction of these water reservoirs.

The Fund shall be directly supervised by the Honorable Court and the account thereof will be operated by the Registrar of the Apex Court. The status of the total amount collected so far is updated at the official website of the Supreme court on an hourly basis.

From the telecom companies as of today, only Jazz is displaying the total donations received for the dams fund on its website.

The overseas Pakistanis may deposit their contributions with Pakistan’s Mission in the relevant country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs may, in consultation with the State Bank, issue the accounting procedure for allowing funds to the SBP foreign currency accounts.

CJP Mian Saqib Nisar kick-started the initiative by donating Rs 1 million to the Supreme Court dam fund and urged all institutions and individuals to play their due role to overcome water and energy shortage in the country.

We, the more team, appreciate the initiative taken by the court and will ask you to donate multiple times with the help of this simple procedure.

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