After much speculation, it’s is now official, as we reported earlier there is no Mobilink, no Warid, but only JAZZ from now on. The now President and CEO Jazz, Aamir Ibrahim has finally gathered his warriors and has declared the amalgamation of two brands into a single well renown entity Jazz.

Though the rumors were swirling around ever since Mr. Ibrahim in his recorded video message asked his fellow Mobilinkers to join him today at 5 PM. He previously had hinted towards a possible farewell to Mobilink and Mobilinkers, but now it cannot get any more clearer than this.

The CEO of Jazz once again in a motivational video designed for his employees relayed the message of unity with the theme “Hum Jazz hain.” The video starts with Mr. Ibrahim running on the Azadi Bridge, Lahore near Minar-e-Pakistan, symbolizing the start of their journey from the very core of the country.

Aamir Ibrahim always had a vision of turning around Mobilink towards digitization, and he has conveyed the same vision and sentiment in his video message saying “Jazz will make Pakistan, a Digital Pakistan.”  The company has entered into a new era with the new employee culture entwined with the target of bringing on a digital revolution.

While talking to MORE one of the employees described that on coming back to work after the weekend, all of them were surprised to find the building draped in a huge curtain. And at the assigned time the new face of the company or “Digital Headquarter” was unveiled declaring the philosophy of digital Pakistan and digital company to the employees and also the rest of the world.

Under the leadership of Mr. Ibrahim, the company has been actively involved in not just working towards Pakistan’s telecom sector but has launched several initiatives to help out the society by providing digital solutions.

The company had previously launched its flagship CSR  initiative “Make your Mark,” where the company is infusing technology with the problems of youth poverty, youth unemployment, inadequate healthcare and education, food security, resource scarcity and climate change and helping them with a digital solution. The different programs under this initiative have provided mobile learning to 4000 adult females and also has helped startups to secure funding among many other things.

Mobilink last year also launched “Ba Khabar Kisaan,” a value-added service (VAS) aimed at connecting farmers, agribusinesses, and rural communities to upsurge productivity, profitability, and innovation in the agriculture sector by providing accurate information on time. The company has also signed a strategic partnership with Uber Pakistan and partnered with Bahria Town as part of Digital ‘Exceleration’ initiative. All of these programs and initiatives serves as evidence as to how the company is willing to pave a way towards a digital future.

While talking to MORE, many officials have expressed that Mr. Ibrahim reminds them of Jeffrey Hedberg (former CEO of Mobilink) who raised the morale and spirits of the employees and led them to a better future. Aamir Ibrahim, unlike the stereotyped CEO’s, continues to work towards lowering the barriers between all the employees and the higher management and serves as a leader who leads his pack by example.

The farewell party for Mobilink was celebrated with the of surprises by the higher management and musical performance by Noori. As for Warid, we have already reported that a senior Mobilink official while talking commenting on the impending future of Warid said:

“There will be no Mobilink and no Warid, only Jazz. All future sales will be performed under the umbrella of Jazz. However, the Warid customers will keep their identity until they decide to join the club. The process will go on for next 12 months before the phasing out of the name Warid.”

Want to know more? Be sure to check out January 2017 edition of MORE magazine, with the cover story featuring Mr. Aamir Ibrahim who has shared his insights into the Pakistan’s telecom industry and his legacy in the company.