“Ek mulk 74 zubanen” (one country, 74 languages)- The opening lines of the new TVC announcing the completion of the Jazz and Warid merger pays an ode to the beautiful and diverse culture of Pakistan.

The TVC titled “Dou Network Aik Awaz” was launched nationwide recently and “welcomes” the 50 million customers from both networks to join the largest on-net family in the country. The merger has now made it possible for both Jazz and Warid customers to make on-net calls to each other.

The commercial captures the essence of Pakistan in every frame with shots from all corners of the country and people from all regions saying “welcome” in their own languages. It is a refreshing piece of production that incites the feelings of patriotism and unity, and conveys the brands’ message across nicely. Starting from up North all the way to South, the ad covers people from different cultures, meeting and greeting in their own unique way – something that no other TV ad has previously shown. The ad beautifully captures the true essence of being a Pakistani. It shows that we’re all different, yet so similar. We’ve our own ways to saying and doing things, but when we’re together, we’re one!

There is also a considerable amount of emphasis on the brand colors i.e Jazz (red) and Warid (Blue) which are seen fusing into each other throughout the entire length of the TVC.

Dou Network Aik Awaz soulfully visualizes the big promise by these two telcos; with emphasis on every culture, every geographical corner and people from all walks of life. The ad conveys that with this merger, both these networks hope to bring services for all kinds of people in Pakistan, and with a wider coverage ever before.


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