Umar Saif GES 2016
Chairperson PITB, Dr. Umar Saif

Dr. Umar Saif, Vice Chancellor Information Technology University Lahore (ITU) and the Chairman of PITB has been elected as Chairman of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Pakistan (MITEFP).

He is the second elected Chairman during past eight years since the forum came into being.

The primary mission of MITEFP is to improve the economic well-being of the people of the country through the development of an Entrepreneurship Promotion Program for Pakistan.
This is in line with the MITEF global mission i.e. the promotion of formation and growth of innovative and technology-oriented companies through specialized executive education programs.

Through these programs, the Forum provides networking, leadership opportunities, and lifelong connections to MIT while showcasing the latter’s┬árole in entrepreneurship in communities around the world.

While talking about his plans, Dr. Umar Saif told that he will focus on the following areas in the coming months;

  • The strengthening of the Business Acceleration Program (BAP). There is a higher possibility that the training process will be harsh, and discipline will be the key factor.
  • Exploring a program to incubate spin-offs from within established tech companies i.e. program for corporate entrepreneurship.
  • MIT 100K-style platform for match-making of teams and refining of ideas before BAP

Umar Saif also stated that he along with his team would hold talks, seminars, workshops around entrepreneurship, science, and technology.


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