Lahore High Court has summoned the Managing director of Water and Sanitation Agency(WASA) and Lahore Waste Management Company(LWMC) over the utilization of drinking water to clean the Lahore city roads.

Syed Kamal Ali Haider, an advocate filed a petition in the court asking to stop the wastage of clean water.

The applicant said that at present, on the 129 streets in Lahore, 30 thousand five hundred liters of water is being used daily while more than 97 million liters of water is used annually on the roads. The LWMC has already wasted 8 million liters of drinking water on the asphalts since 2010.

“According to the research of international institutions, water under the earth’s surface will end in 2040”, emphasized Kamal Ali. The petitioner told the court that the use of clean water on the streets is a violation of Article 9 of the constitution.

As stated by the World Wide Fund report, only 15% of the tube wells of WASA are in working condition while the company fails to deliver and doesn’t have an efficient water management system.

We should understand that water is going to be the next oil, or maybe bigger than that. Civil society and NGO’s are working to create awareness among the general public to tackle the water shortage in the country while unfortunately, on the other hand, the government officials and companies are doing nothing in this regard.

CJP, Saqib Nisar has also taken an initiative to build dams with a dedicated donation account and also going to Europe for the fundraising while Asian Development Bank is providing some $100 million dollars to Balochistan government to curb the issue but who is going to take the notice of inept officials sitting on high posts, getting salaries on the taxpayers’ money?

The court should immidiately not only stop WASA to waste the drinking water but also should direct the authorities to come up with a practical policy to prevent the wastage of water on unproductive chores.