How to get driving license online in Punjab

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how to obtain Driving License

First, there is nothing fancy about Pakistan getting a driving license online. There is still a manual procedure involved.

Coming back to our tutorial, Information Technology Board (PITB) introduced Driving License Issuance and Management System (DLIMS). Through DLIMS the Punjab government has centralized the process of issuing driving license across the 36 districts in the province.

This centralization is not like NADRA, means you cannot apply for the driving license from any district of Punjab. For example, if you want to apply from Lahore, your CNIC must have the permanent or temporary address of Lahore otherwise you have to go to your residing district’s licensing center.


Still, its a very cumbersome process and will consume your whole day. Also, there is no indoor waiting area in most of the centers and you have to wait outside in scorching heat in summers and have to bear the cold in winters, waiting for your turn.

From their website, you can download the relevant forms, verify and also check the delivery status of your license.

How to Apply for a Regular Driving License

We will guide you from scratch if you don’t have the driving license and needs one, these are the steps you need to follow.

District of Residence on CNIC

You have to travel to your district of residence as per your CNIC for any of the driving licenses. For example, let’s say, you want to apply for the driving license from Lahore, then you must have a permanent or temporary address of Lahore on your CNIC otherwise the system wish you a happy trip to your hometown.

Get a Learner’s license

For a valid driving license, you need to obtain a learner’s permit first. It’s compulsory even if you hold a driving license from any other country.

  1. Head to your nearest Licensing center location.
  2. Submit all of your documents required for obtaining a learner’s license.
  3. Get a copy of your permit. (If lost the print can be obtained from the website)

After 42 days of a learning period

  1. First, Go to any HBL branch, pay the driving test fee and obtain stamped deposit slip.
  2. Appear before the licensing authority in person.
  3. Pass the theoretical test.
  4. Pass a driving test. (You can also learn driving LTV and HTV vehicles from TEVTA).
  5. They will post your driving license to your address.

If a person only wants to obtain a new International license, a duplicate license or wants to renew his license, the applicant only has to submit the required documents in person.

Required Documents for Driving License

Following are the documents required by the licensing authorities:

For Learner’s License

  • A copy of C.N.I.C
  • A Ticket of Rs.60 from any Post Office.
  • Receive Code Book of Traffic Rules & Regulation from Traffic Police Office.
  • Medical Certificate (for the candidates of 50 years or more)

The age limit for the learner’s permit is 18 yrs for Motorcycle/ Car, LTV (Rikshaw, Taxi, Tractor Commercial) and 22 yrs for HTV

For Permanent License

  • Application Form (A) within FileCover
  • Original Learner Permit of at least 6 weeks.
  • 3 Passport Sized Photograph (Attested)
  • An Attested Copy of C.N.I.C.
  • Medical Certificate (issued by an authorized medical practitioner) only for a commercial category and the candidates of the age of 50 years or above.
  • Rs. 180 on STR form have to be deposited in the center after or before passing the test.
  • Rs. 100 bank draft in any HBL branch with account title CTO DRIVING LICENSING TEST FEE in account no 01277901547301.
  • Tickets of the relevant License fee.

For Renewal of a Driving License

  • Required Application Form E within FileCover
  • 2 Passport Sized Photographs
  • A copy of NIC
  • Original Driving License
  • Medical Certificate (issued by an authorized medical practitioner) only for a commercial category and the candidates of the age of 50 years or above.
  • Tickets of a relevant License fee.

The license is renewed for five years.

For International License

  • Required International Application Form within FileCover
  • An attested copy of C.N.I.C.
  • A copy of Valid Driving License with a validity of 1 year.
  • A copy of Pakistani Passport valid for at least 6 Months with Visa.
  • 2 attested Passport Sized Photographs
  • Rs. 66 Court Fee Ticket.
  • Rs. 450 BankChallan Fee (Rs. 450 Rupees bank draft in any HBL branch with account title INTERNATIONAL LICENSING FEE in account no 01270017338803 )

The applicant is also required to bring his original C.N.I.C, Driving License and Passport with him.

For Duplicate License

  • Required Duplicate Application Form LLD within FileCover
  • An attested copy of C.N.I.C.
  • 2 Attested fresh Passport Sized Photographs
  • Report from computer section for Computerized License
  • Diary report of misplaced license from the relevant Police Station and must be submitted within 15 days from the reported date
  • Fee Tickets.

An applicant has to visit a licensing authority’s office in person to submit all of the required documents in hardcopy. But, we hope that with the start of a centralized system, the government will consider digitizing its licensing system completely.

The DLIMS also aims to help the electronic Challan System. Using this website, Challan ticket issuing authority can verify a license at the spot.