Apple has never made a dual sim phone, and the chances are still very bleak that it will, but the evidence that surfaced online says otherwise. As obnoxious as it may seem, we really think that Apple is planning for a dual sim technology along with other great features in its upcoming iPhone 2018 models.

According to 9to5Mac, the iOS 12 developer beta 5 version had an interesting field in the diagnostic report. There was a reference that indicated at the presence of a second sim tray which may come in iPhone 2018 models.

A screenshot of a diagnostic report has been leaked and refers to it as “secondSimStatus” which strongly hints at the possibility of dual sim technology in the phone. However, it is strongly speculated that the iPhone 2018 will come with two sim trays instead of a single tray with two slots.

iPhone 2018 dual sim
Diagnostic Report Screenshot

Owing to the impeccable success of iPhone X, we can safely assume that the upcoming dual sim iPhone will retain the success in sales will gratify users needs in the best ways possible.

Moreover, a Taiwanese publication United Daily News claims that at least one of this year’s iPhones is now expected to gain a dual-SIM card feature and is said to be exclusive to China.

The report says that three new iPhone 2018 models expected to be introduced on the next month have been given code numbers – 801, 802, 803 and 804. Funnily, there are four numbers, and we have only 3 iPhone models.

The explanation comes by the fact that the 801 and 802 are respectively, to be the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus, and the 803 and 804 both refer to the same iPhone 9 handset. One of those code numbers refers to the Dual-SIM iPhone.