Dubai to establish nine Smart Mosques equipped with modern technology

Dubai to set up Smart Mosques

Dubai is in the process of establishing the Smart Mosques. According to the project, smart services will be initially provided to nine mosques.

The smart services will provide the information like the length of the mosque, its history, the process of donating to the mosque, whether the Friday prayer is offered in this mosque or not, any kind of instant announcement, reporting any issue related to the mosque.

For the first time, the UAE government has set up a plan to connect the important buildings through the smart technologies with the help of Quick-Response (QR) code system. As per the plan, these smart services will also be provided to the mosques.

An application will be launched, which the users will be able to download on their smartphones to access the services in the Smart Mosques.

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In Dubai, important steps are being taken to provide the smart services to the citizens via smartphones. In the coming days, these services will be available to the citizens for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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The smart technologies will also help the mosques to cut down on electricity bills because these technologies will provide the details about the electricity usage in the mosque to the authorities in a real time manner.

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