Uber Pakistan careerIf you are unemployed and want to start a perfect career, Uber Pakistan is here to help you. According to the country head of Uber Pakistan, people can earn more than one hundred thousand rupees by getting registered with this online transportation network, Daily Pakistan reported.

Last month, Uber launched its services in Islamabad under the Chief Minister’s “Apna Rozgar” scheme in partnership with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).

You just have to sign up with Uber and fill in the online form. After that, Uber will organize driving lessons for interested applicants.

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The information that a user fills in the form is first verified by Uber. Once everything is verified, potential drivers are asked to provide with a character certificate, signed by the police station and other authorities.

Each user has to take three different training programs. The programs include a complete guide about how to interact with the children and women passengers.

Any person that wants to book a taxi can verify the driver’s profile from the online system of Uber. Unlike rickshaws, this system provides a complete security to the customers of Uber.

In rickshaws, people don’t really know who the driver is, and what is his background. That is why a lot of crime cases are registered against the rickshaw drivers in Pakistan. The cases include kidnapping for ransom, abnormal drivers etc.

But Uber is different. It collects the data from the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and puts it into an online system so that the passengers could know who they are travelling with.

Other than an official sticker about anti-sexual harassment, there is no other specific identity mark or colour on the taxis of Uber.

There is also an Uber Pool service that allows multiple people to share a single ride and divide the fare.

Praising the partnership of government, business firms, and PITB for the progress of this taxi service in Punjab,  The officials in Uber stated that they are also focusing on making the women participate in the Uber.