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Apple released iPhone X on its 10th anniversary and took the market by storm in 2017 as the flagship broke all previous sale records. So much so that the company suffered from a massive shortage of iPhone X in the first weekend of its sales.

On Black Friday alone, Apple sold 6 million units of the flagship in different parts of the globe. iPhone X became the center of attraction as it came with tons of amazing features including FaceID, wireless charging and more.

However, iPhone X also comes with an expensive price tag and not everyone can afford to buy it.

For this purpose, we have enlisted a few places in Pakistan where you can buy iPhone X on installments and others where you can buy the phone outright with an upfront payment.

Standard Chartered (Installment Plan)

Standard Chartered Bank of Pakistan is offering iPhone X on installments with 0% markup plan in various installment options. Just call the given number from the picture below to pre-book your iPhone X now. If you use internet banking, SCB is also providing you to unlock their app by facial recognition feature of the phone.

iPhone X on installments Standard Chartered

SilkBank (Installment Plan)

iPhone X is available on installments for the SilkBank credit card holders. There was a special 0% markup offer for 9 months but now it’s expired. Now you can avail the phone for 0% markup if you agree to pay the amount in first 6 months. You can order the phone by calling 111-100-777.


Bank Alfalah (Installment Plan)

This is the best offer to get iPhone X on installments as Bank Alfalah is giving the phone on 0% markup for 12 months tenure. By placing your order through a call at 111-225-111, you will receive your phone at your doorstep with no delivery charges.

Bank Alfalah

Hanif Center (Installment and Cash)

Hanif center supermart is also a good solution to avail installments on iPhone X purchase if for any reason you don’t want bank plan. The service is just for Lahore city. They are offering iPhone X at Rs. 126,999.

They calculate installments as under:
3 Months = 126,999 x 13% = 143,509 / 3 = Rs 47,836 will be 3 equal installments
6 Months = 126,999 x 24% = 157,478/ 6 = Rs 26,246 will be 6 equal installments
12 Months = 126,999 x 35% = 171,448 / 12 = Rs 14287 will be 12 equal installments
18 Months = 126999 x 45% =184,148 / 18 = Rs 10,230 will be 18 equal installments

Applicant has to provide 2 References from friends or relatives. Application fee Rs.500 will be collected by Inquiry Inspector, who will come to verify the details. You have to provide postdated cheques of all installments and a security cheque at the time of delivery.

hanif center

Shophive (Installment and Cash)

Shophive is an online shopping portal which sells a variety of products majoring in electronics. They provide every product listed on their website on a lease. You can get iPhone X on installments period of 6 to 18 months. Unfortunately, the leasing service is still just for Lahore while you may need a guarantee of one friend or relative. They will take postdated cheques of the full amount and the verification time is just one day with next day delivery. The device price is Rs. 133,999.

They calculate installments as under:
6 Months = 133,999 x 24% = 166,159/ 6 = Rs 27,693 will be 6 equal installments
12 Months = 133,999 x 42% = 190,278 / 12 = Rs 15,856 will be 12 equal installments
18 Months = 133,999 x 63% =218,418 / 18 = Rs 12,134 will be 18 equal installments

In Lahore, they deliver in just 2 hours till 7 pm.

shophive installments


HomeShopping (Cash)

The online company is selling iPhone X 64 GB in Rs. 128,499. Home Shopping network is based in Karachi but providing a nation-wide delivery to its customers. You have several paying options including Cash on Delivery, Easy Paisa or through your VISA or MasterCard. Giving you a peace of mind, they engage 7 days return policy under Buyer’s protection guarantee.

Home Shopping

iShopping (Cash)

The Karachi based but an online portal is also providing the device on cash. Their shipping partners are TCS and Leopard courier services.  You can pay through VISA, MasterCard, Upaisa, Easy Paisa but you cannot avail cash on delivery option. They price the 64 GB variant of the device at Rs. 127,999.


Telemart (Cash)

Telemart.pk has now integrated Online, Retail, Corporate and Wholesale networks. They are providing iPhone X on cash with a price tag of Rs. 123,999 for a 64 GB variant. Delivery time is 3 to 5 days and you can pay through your VISA or MasterCard, also you have the option of Cash on Delivery.  They are also granting a 7-day replacement and checking warranty.
They have an amazing policy know as Price Beating, if you find the same product online at a lower price, they’ll beat it and offer an even lower price, email them at info@telemart.pk or call at 111-662-453 and let them know where you found the lower price. If you’re emailing them, send the link too.
Within 24 hours, they’ll verify the claim and then beat the price for you; it’s that simple!


iShop (Cash)

This Apple dedicated online store is providing iPhone X 64 GB variant in Rs. 136,000. They are providing same delivery in Karachi if ordered is received before 3 pm. They deliver to all major cities of Pakistan via courier and receive payments only through Bank Transfer/Deposit.


Symbios.pk (Cash)

This mega online store is selling iPhone X, 64 GB, at Rs. 131,999. Delivery time is 3 to 8 days with options to pay through Cash on Delivery, Visa or MasterCard. In any unfavorable circumstances, they also give a money-back guarantee for their all products with terms and conditions applied.


OLX Pakistan

OLX is the leading E-commerce website in Pakistan where sellers and buyers bargain almost every type of commodity with one another.

The website also has a huge list of electronics which also includes mobile phones in it. And, now you can also buy an iPhone X on installments from this website as quite a few sellers have posted their ads on OLX.

One such seller has posted the following price of the flagship:

Advance: Rs. 30,000
Installment Rs. 13,300 x 12
Total Price in 12 Months: Rs. 189,600
Processing fee Rs. 1,000 (Non refundable)

However, you have to be careful when buying a smartphone from a seller on OLX as most of these phones smuggle their way into the country and have no warranty.

Younis Mobile (Cash)

Younis Mobile is a go-to website for mobile lovers in Pakistan because of its original information and reliable prices.

The current price of 64 GB iPhone X at Younis mobile is Rs. 139,199.

Younis mobile

We will continue to update this post as soon as new suppliers will come out with their offers in the coming days for iPhone x on installments and Cash.

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