What Makes Easypaisa Car Insurance Different from the Rest?

Easypaisa Car Insurance Policy

Easypaisa in collaboration with United Insurance Company has introduced a car insurance policy, named as ‘Easypaisa Car Insurance’. The company claims the offering is the most affordable and accessible set of auto coverage in Pakistan.

To avail Easypaisa Car Insurance, you will have to pay 2.5% in terms of the premium of the car’s market value, annually. Unlike conventional car insurance policies, customers can subscribe to Easypaisa Car Insurance and avail ‘third party insurance’ and ‘terrorism cover’, or go as far as to cover the ‘car mechanical insurance’ that has never been offered in Pakistan before.

According to Easypaisa, the new service covers everything that competitive insurance plans cover. Easypaisa Car Insurance covers following things and more.

  • Engine breakdown
  • Drive axle
  • Transmission
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • cooling system
  • Electric fixes

Instead of submitting any lengthy document, the customer can simply call the Easypaisa helpline at 3737 and an authorised surveyor will guide them through the process. You can register an Easypaisa mobile account from any SIM.

The subscribers can sign up for Easypaisa Car Insurance through an SMS command. Soon, customers will be able to sign up for Easypaisa Car Insurance by visiting Easypaisa shops, Telenor Sales & Service Centre and Telenor Franchises across Pakistan.

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We can assume that it is a great initiative by Easypaisa, a company that is famous for providing innovative services and solutions to the customers. Just recently, they announced Pakistan’s first NFC payment system enabling customers to pay for their purchases via mobile.

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