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EcomX17 is the first exclusive E-Commerce event to take place in Pakistan. Organized by PASHA & PSEB and supported by Fishry.com & Microsoft, EcomX17 acted as a platform to gather all the experts, professionals and thought leaders in the field of E-Commerce in Pakistan to gather their thoughts, share experiences and work collectively towards the growth of E-Commerce in Pakistan.

The event was graced with the presence of esteemed speakers and Panelists from the industry and saw an overwhelming response from the attendees. It was attended by professionals from E-Commerce marketplaces (Yayvo, TCS Sentiments etc.), E-Commerce enablers (Fishry.com, Microsoft, Facebook etc.), Payment vendors (Finca & SimSim) and multiple known and upcoming brands.

The event promised to act as a supporting ground for conducive policies towards E-Commerce in Pakistan and how collectively the market can be grown and more customer ease provided. Issues and challenges related to e-commerce in Pakistan were also discussed at the event and acted as a great networking platform for digital nomads.

The consumer behavior has shifted from desktop usage to dependence upon mobile phones to discover latest trends

Shant Oknayan, Facebook Mena shared that how consumers in the USA spend 6 hours of a day on digital platforms and out of these 6 hours 3 hours are used on mobile phones, this is the highest amount of time spent on any media platform.

Moreover, he also elaborated on the fact that how every day 3 billion opportunities or moments are created to engage consumers through mobile and how video content is gaining popularity and is the new way of interaction as brands are moving away from the static content.

He concluded by talking about the growth of e-commerce and how 1.2 billion people on Facebook have already connected with 1 business in a foreign country and there some huge opportunities for businesses to connect with a vast audience through the platform of e-commerce.

Ali Khurshid
Ali Khurshid, Facebook APAC

Ali Khurshid, Facebook APAC gave a detailed description of the Facebook tools that can be used for taking a brand global with the help of e-commerce. Some of the tools included were:

  1. Dynamic languages
  2. Audience insights
  3. Facebook business
  4. Instagram business

A detailed case study of Daraz and a few other bands were also discussed during the session and how these brand have been able to achieve 85% increase in sales with the help of Facebook.

Irfan Wahab
Irfan Wahab, CEO Telenor

Irfan Wahab, CEO Telenor started his talk with listing the statistics of Pakistan’s connection users which comprises of 140 million connections and how one-third of these people are connected through a smartphone, this number is likely to increase with the introduction of low priced smartphones in the market.

He also elaborated on the fact that by the end of 2018 how 80% of Pakistanis will have access to 4G

Various projects of Telenor helping the growth of e-commerce were included in the presentation and it was established that Telenor has 40 million customers and 20 million are connected through their banking services.

Sadia Khurram
Sadia Khurram, GM North Careem

Sadia Khurram, GM North Careem’s discussion on EcomX17 started with how their company has brought the concept of a marketplace place to Pakistan and is available in 11 cities of the country and it promises to create 1 million jobs by 2020.

Sadia also talked about Careem’s vision of women empowerment and how it has provided women with a safe platform for traveling as 60% users are women.

Shoaib Khalil, Territory Manager Microsoft talked about how 86% of CEOs consider digital platforms as their number one priority and how this decade has seen an advancement in technology to meet consumer demands.

He also talked about how highly personalized offers with advanced analytics can be used to introduce e-commerce for businesses in Pakistan which are integrated with digital and analog flexibility.

It was concluded that Amazon has seen the highest change in market value of 1934% from 2006 to 2016

Barkaan Saeed, Chairman P@sha concluded the event by elaborating the efforts of the ministry of commerce and the government in order to boost e-commerce in Pakistan.

There was a panel discussion during the event which was hosted by Sheryar Hydri, Secretary-General, P@sha, and the panelist included Qasif Shahid (CEO SimSim), Salman Hasan (CEO, TCS Ecom), Raza Rehman (COO Sefam) and Amir Sarfraz (Cofounder Fishry.com).

There was a detailed discussion of the challenges being faced to bring e-commerce to Pakistan and what can be done to bring more brands on board. All the expertise shared their experience of their respective fields and what should be done to bring this shift in Pakistan.

EcomX17 has provided the expertise in the field of e-commerce a platform to come together and share their knowledge with others.

Moreover, this event was a hit to network with the master of the field of e-commerce and was the first of many of the events to come.

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