EcoStar has just started to focus on its new LED Television that it launched a few months back in July 2016. The LED TV is all about 4K UHD resolution which has become a key selling point in Pakistan as more TV vendors are coming up with similar features.

Just recently, we published about Haier LED which also features 4K resolution besides some other good offering.

EcoStar 4K LED’s are available all over the Pakistan market in various sizes, with 42 and 43 inches, and two different designs of 49 inches. The LED’s are available with 55 inches display in two separate designs. The products offer up to 4-times higher screen resolution, compared to the traditional HD LED televisions promising highest quality at very affordable prices.

The EcoStar VERO 4K UHD resolution (3840×2160) gives a picture with four times more detail than Full HD. The viewers can adore the ultimate 4K experience of the sharp contrast with deep black richness and bright white which makes picture livelier. The EcoStar 4K comes with the wider screen and high-class colors resulting in the amazing picture. It has a slim and thin panel along with the sleek base-stand making an addition to your home interior.

The products are improved with connectivity and access to social-media ‘Networking’ features, enhanced with many Android features like; Facebook, YouTube & Netflix videos, calling Skype and much more. EcoStar has combined the latest technologies to create a piece of art, as it becomes your High-Definition (HD) window into a whole new world.

EcoStar’s 4K UHD Series can be rightfully stated as; “Loud and clear on the wall”. The consumers get the greatest ‘Value-for-Money’ whenever they purchase these durable televisions.