Edtech startup Dot and Line raises seed investment from Sarmayacar

The technology startups are on the rise in Pakistan and while many are working on solving the country’s problems with the new advancements in the tech world, Dot and Line has come forward and has successfully acquired six-figure dollar funding from Sarmayacar in its Seed Round.

Dot and Line has developed a new powerful after-school mathematics program with the help of subject specialists from different leading universities, teachers from top schools, PhDs professors and educationalists. The students can participate to learn maths from their home after they are done with the school through this new program.

Dot and Line Team
Dot and Line Team

Dot and Line has a team trained and certified teachers across Lahore and Karachi and will teach the students through the home-based education network. According to the company, the progress of each child will be observed with the help of cutting edge technology which will also ensure complete transparency.

Dot and Line has revealed that it has already impacted hundreds of children through its 50 active centers and it claims a 40% improvement in the grades of its students within 4 months of their program.

Co-Founder Lina Ahmed after receiving the seed funding revealed that after the strong results shown by the Math program, Dot and Line will now be launching English program as well.

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