The Election Commission has designed a new kind of software for protecting the voting from any kind of fraud. This software is called Geographical System (GIS), and it will be used in the next elections.

According to the details, the authority will check the polling station name, number, the number of votes, polling station location, an image of the polling station on Google Map by using this software.

The training of the officials for using this software will also be started. This software will be used in all the provinces to protect the voting from any kind of fraud. Sometimes, these frauds affect the counting of the votes and also change the results of the elections.

With the advent of 3G, 4G-LTE, and a lot of latest technologies in Pakistan, the election commission is also adopting modern ways for identifying the fake voters and checking the polling stations.

Moreover, just recently, the Commission announced its intent to ban the large political rallies, bar candidates from personal vilification of their foes and prohibit the use of TV or radio channels for airing political advertisements, the Tribune reported. The election commission is taking all the steps to protect the 2018 elections from all kind of illegal activities.