Employees of PTCL can connect with each other using Facebook at Work

PTCL launches Facebook at Work

PTCL has introduced greater opportunities for communication for its employees through Facebook at Work, which is the business version of Facebook. The platform will allow PTCL to become an even more productive workplace where there is greater in-house collaboration and more internal connectivity, encouraging  more open communication and knowledge transfer.

Dr. Daniel Ritz, President & CEO PTCL launched this initiative by sending an invitation to all PTCL employees to join this corporate social media platform.

A few months ago, Mobilink also introduced Facebook at Work service for its employees.

Facebook at Work allows the co-workers to easily connect with each other and share ideas. It is a very user-friendly service and you can sign up easily. The account on Facebook at Work remains separate from your personal Facebook account. You can use the News Feed to get the updates from your company, create groups to start discussions, communicate via text messages and get alerts regarding your interests. Facebook provides this service via a separate website. There is also an app available on the Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

PTCL launches Facebook at Work

The introduction of Facebook at Work at PTCL will improve openness, collaboration, engagement and trust among employees and make way for seamless interactions in the work structure.

This collaboration platform is a very strong tool for PTCL employees to connect in a convenient manner and will prove to be a big step in the cultural transformation of the company. After this launch, PTCL has now joined an elite group of 500 companies in the world who are using Facebook at Work, and the largest in Pakistan in terms of a number of users.

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Mr. Adnan Shahid, Chief Commercial Officer PTCL, said, “PTCL is rapidly moving ahead in its digital strategy and Facebook at Work is one more innovative digital initiative. We will continue striving for innovations as part of our vision for digital and connected Pakistan.”

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