Engro, Shakarganj and Noon Pakistan fined over deceiving milk products

Milk by Companies is falsely market their product

Previously, we have reported that more than 70pc of milk in Pakistan is adulterated and our companies now have shown further proof that profits trump actual lives of people by deceiving the general public with products that aren’t milk.

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) on Monday fined Engro Foods Limited (EFL), Noon Pakistan Limited (NPL), and Shakarganj Foods Products Limited (SFP) for deceiving customers with their misleading marketing practices.

The Commission imposed a fine of PKR 62.29 million on Engro Foods, PKR 2 Million on Noon Pakistan and PKR 500,000 on Shakarganj Foods for violating Section 10, Deceptive Marketing Practices, of the Competition Act, 2010. The companies were deceiving customers by marketing and selling their tea whiteners and dairy drinks as milk.

SFP’s product Qudrat  (liquid tea whitener), NPL’s product Dairy Rozana (dairy drink) and EFL’s product Dairy Omung (dairy drink) were all being marketed to unsuspecting consumers as milk products. The order further revealed that the labeling and packaging of Dairy Rozana implied that the dairy drink is actually milk. Qudrat’s labeling lacked proper disclosure about what kind of product it is.

The Dairy Omung by Engro Foods took a step further in making a fool out of the consumers as through its marketing via TVCs and company website termed the product as an alternative to loose milk.  And thus, the company flat out lied to the public about the nature of their product which is actually a diary drink.

The above TVC is part of a series by Dairy Omung which clearly tries to show how their product is preferable to loose milk, which could be adulterated, irony much.

These revelations are quite shocking because milk is a commodity that we use in our daily lives and major corporations don’t think twice while risking the health and lives of its consumers. In December 2016 it was brought into the limelight by a by the petition moved by Barrister Zafarullah Khan of the Watan Party. that citizens have been poisoned by the corporates and the local milkmen with contaminated and adulterated milk.

During the hearing of this case by the two-member bench at Supreme Court Lahore Registry, the report by The Punjab Food Authority was presented which showed that Haleeb contains formalin whose actual use is to preserve dead bodies. It was also found to have contained sugarcane juice. Other brands like Acha Milk, Al-Fazl Food, Doce, Al-Fajr Food, Gourmet are all unsafe for use.

Dalda Diaries, Doce, and Al-Fajar Dairy & Foods Ltd were also sealed last year for unhygienic practices when it comes to milk. A report of Pakistan Council of Scientific Industrial Research (PCSIR) also confirmed the presence of detergent and other dangerous chemicals in not only loose but in also tetra pack brands. In a world of corporate profits, it seems balance sheets are more powerful than people.

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