Entrepreneurs copying source code

Baqar Abbas Jafri, Sennen D’Souza, Hammad Ali Hashmi, and Waqar Ehsan are the four entrepreneurs who have been arrested by the Karachi police for allegedly violating the copyrights. They designed a startup, which was successfully supported by the Nest i/o, a technology incubator in Pakistan. Later, it was revealed that the idea of this startup was copied from another company.

According to the details, as reported by the Tech In Asia, these four men created an online business and finance-related startup. They incubated their startup on the Nest i/o and received a lot of funds, support, and encouragement. But later, AMZ MAK Capital Limited, an investment banking, and the financial holding company filed a complaint that these men have copied their idea, made minor changes in it, and introduced it as their product.

The company claimed that all the four men were its former employees, and it assigned them a task. The task was to create an online system for investors. 16 other workers were assigned the same task. When the product was in its last stages for the development, these four people left the company.

The main planner of this entire drama was Baqar Abbas Jafri, who after leaving AMZ MAK Capital, allegedly designed the same startup by doing some small changes in the layout. He, along with the three other allegedly involved men then approached the Nest i/o and got their project incubated there.

The source code that they stole is worth $140,000 (14,65,5900 PKR). Mir Mohammad Ali Khan, the Chief Executive Officer of AMZ MAK Capital, took the matter to court, after which the judge ordered the arrest of the four men.

All of the four entrepreneurs stated that they did not copy anyone’s idea. They said that it was completely their project.

Jehan Ara denied that the entrepreneurs copied the source code from another company

On the other hand, Jehan Ara, the president of the Nest i/o explained that these boys tried very hard to develop something original. She said that she did not know why they were arrested. She also stated that she stands by them.


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