Entry test for Motorbike Ambulance Service to be conducted in Urdu

Motorbike Ambulance Service

The National Testing Service andPunjab emergency Services will be conducting the scrutiny tests for recruitment of paramedics for Motorbike Ambulance Service and the exam will be conducted in Urdu across the province rather than in English.

The Punjab government last year announced that it is going to start a Motorbike Ambulance Service to quickly reach any person who is sick or injured which is sometimes difficult because of narrow or congested streets. The entry test to be hired in the service will be conducted in Pakistan’s national language Urdu and would also be subject specific unlike before when it used to be general in nature.

The Express Tribune reported that around 22,000 men applied for the 800 available posts of emergency paramedics, where only 100 candidates passed the relevant entry and psychological test.

Seeing the results, Punjab Emergency Service once again was armed with the task of recruitment and tried to determine the reasons with NTS behind the poor outcome of the exams. It was revealed that the major problem was the use of English language as a medium for conducting the tests. Thus, the new recruitment tests, conducted in cities such as Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Multan, will be in Urdu.

The Punjab Emergency service has been asked to hire paramedics for eight divisional headquarters of Punjab within one month. The new emergency service will use Yamaha 125 as the primary medium for providing the emergency services on the motorbike.

The use of Urdu language is a great initiative as despite helping people, it also promotes the use of our national language. Recently, Punjab government has also declared Urdu as official language that will be used in all government offices across Punjab.

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