ERUPT; Business Idol competition Lahore

ERUPT the business Idea competition powered by PITB in collaboration with Plan 9 and Careem, finally concluded in Lahore. Teams from 10 universities participated in this idol of activity that allowed students to present their ideas and prove their entrepreneurial ability by accessing a platform for further nourishment.

During the event, students gained an opportunity to be a part of an entrepreneur-friendly ecosystem and benefit from the opinion leaders across the universities. ERUPT finale was followed by a mini challenge of two days that produced the 12 teams filtered at two stages by the mentors within universities.

Here are the teams that made it to the finale after passing through the filter.

  1. QayyamPK-LUMS
  2. Eyeautomate-Superior University
  3. The Journal post- BNU
  4. Morrells Data-UCP
  5. Portable Telemedicine System- COMSATS
  6. MedMee Bahria University
  7. The Support Group-UMT
  8. Aqua In Time- IBA- Punjab University
  9. StockSpot- FAST
  10. Track and Drop- ITU
  11. PaltooPK- COMSATS Wild Card Entry

EyeAutomate from The Superior University emerged as champion grabbing 1100,000 prize money from Careem and Plan 9. QayyamPK and  TheSipportGroup received the wildcard entries into Plan 9’s launchpad as a runner-up.

The Finale started with a panel talk by the experts from the universities. The board member included the Mr. Zaeem Yaqoob, Director of Student Affairs and External Relations at BNU, Mr. Farhan Riaz the leader of incubation center TIC at UET Lahore and Mr. Adnan Noor head of computer science department at ITU.

Participants of ERUPT competition

The speakers highlighted the challenges met by youth for pursuing their goals and level of entrepreneurial education given in Pakistani institutes.

Mr. Adnan Noor the head of computer science department at ITU said, “very few courses are offered that teach soft skills to promote entrepreneurship because of 2 problems -Firstly the HEC guidelines are set which leaves little flexibility. Secondly, the lack of experienced faculty members results in the small representation of the entrepreneurship culture.”

While highlighting the major aim behind any start-up, Mr. Farhan Riaz said, “Money is the easy part. Every business man knows where money is and what venture is making money. When the industry would become responsive, more people would start venturing into it”.

To ensure that conditions become in harmony with the modern requirements of prosperity, Mr. Zaeem Yaqoob highlighted,”You have to be sensitive to what the external environment. Before bringing the entrepreneurial culture, there has to be passion and sensitivity. The role of the university is to instigate these elements in their student body. The success of entrepreneurship within the institution cannot be measured through KPI’s but rather by how empowered the students feel to run their ventures”.

While elaborating on the usefulness of ERUPT for empowering youth Chairman PITB Dr. Umer Saif said, “Such initiatives reach ideas at the grass root level and pave the way for the young people to test the entrepreneurial ground.”



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