Euphoria Scavenger Hunt at plan 9 launchpad

Augmented Reality is the hot new technology in the market and using it to elevate the user experience, startup ecosystem has Euphoria – A digital marketing startup that provides interactive, innovative and fun marketing for companies with maximum user engagement using Augmented and Virtual reality.

Showcasing a teaser of the possibilities that this technology can offer, Euphoria organized a scavenger hunt at the Plan9 Launchpad. But here’s the catch – This one-of-a-kind digital scavenger hunt game using augmented reality had the users download the Euphoria app and sent them out on the quest for various clues. Different logos were hidden all around Arfa Software Technology Park and this Hunt had the participants running around the building.

The hunt started with the user scanning the Euphoria logo, followed by hints that lead to other hidden logos all around ASTP. Every time the user found the hidden logo, they were to scan it. Post-scanning led to the next hint to find the next hidden logo.

The hunt continued till the user found and scanned all the hidden logos in the building. The one who found all the logos in the minimum amount of time won the scavenger hunt. Sound simple? It wasn’t. The competition was high and the excitement within the building was 10 fold.

Over a 100 groups participated – each group consisting of 3 members. By the end of the scavenger hunt, Team ArconVR was declared the winner completing the hunt in a mere 25 minutes. With a cash prize of Rs. 50,000 they were over the moon.

The Hunt was sponsored by, and Car Butlers.

During the closing of the event, co-founder of Euphoria, Jameel Qureshi said:

“Euphoria aims to revolutionize the marketing trends. It wants to change the way brands connect with customers. It is gamifying the process of marketing.”

Euphoria recently participated in Startup Istanbul and will soon be flying to Austin with regard to ATX+PAK Exchange Program.

This scavenger hunt was just a test run. Jameel aspires to organize such scavenger hunts all over Pakistan and is already in talks with some major brands for sponsorship.


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