European Union Warns Facebook and Twitter of fines if changes not made in one month

Facebook and Twitter could be fined
Image Source: Android Authority

Social media sites have often been under fire for not adhering to a country’s societal norms. Facebook has been under fire lately in Pakistan for the blasphemous content present on the social media site. The government has hinted about blocking the entire social media if things can’t be solved in another way.

According to reports, Facebook, among two other of its counterparts namely Alphabet and Twitter, have been asked by the European Union and Europeans Consumer Protection authority to amend certain sections of their Terms and Policies. The EU has provided the companies with the time of one month to make changes or be ready to suffer heavy fines.

Objectionable sections include a point which asks the users to seek remedy from the court in California instead of their home countries. Another concern raised by EU is the non-identifiable nature of sponsored content on these websites.

Other concerns include the waiver of mandatory consumer rights by these websites and a major contribution in choosing what’s post-able and what’s not on their ‘social’ websites. It is said that companies have already met the authorities and suggested possible amends in a meeting on Thursday.

According to local media, Facebook has agreed to meet the Pakistani government as well to find a way to resolve the issue without blocking the website. Moreover, Germany is in the process of making a law that will require companies to remove threatening content quickly or suffer a fine of up to 50 million Euros.

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