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When the iPhone 7 launched many were not impressed especially with the build quality as it looked just like iPhone 6, 6S but Apple fans still have high hopes for the iPhone 7S which may also be called the iPhone 8.

Apple is set to release three phone this year and the iPhone 7S will be one of them. The iPhone 7S is expected to release in September when Samsung will be releasing its first smartphone with a dual camera; the Galaxy Note 8.

Major improvements to the new iPhone will include an OLED screen, a faster processor, and a 3D camera. Rumors and leaks are still coming in and we’ve combined everything we know about the iPhone 7S for you.


iPhone 7s Concept
iPhone 7s Concept

It is suggested that Apple has been working on an all glass display since 2015 and finally may introduce it with the iPhone 7S. The new iPhone was rumored to feature a virtual home screen button and with the release of Galaxy S8 and its invisible home button, there’s a big possibility the iPhone 7S will follow suit.

An analyst says the upcoming iPhone may see a delay because of Apple not being able to fix problems with its Touch ID and if the company is unable to fix it within the coming weeks, iPhone 7S may come without fingerprint sensing capability.


Apple has been using backlit LCDs forever now while Samsung had opted for the OLEDs years ago. It is now confirmed that the upcoming iPhones will feature an OLED panel. a factor of Apple not using the OLED for so long is that Samsung holds a major share of manufacturing these screen globally.

On an OLED screen, each pixel has its own light which eliminates the need of a backlight, saving power. Let’s hope this helps Apple solving its battery problems!

Performance, Camera & Battery

The new iPhone 7S will pack a new A11 chip and while we’re unaware of its processing speed, it is reported that Apple is working on a 10nm chip to replace the 16nm chip in the previous flagship. Samsung has also included a 10nm processor in its latest flagships.

iPhone 7s Dual camera

iPhone 7 Plus saw the inclusion of a dual camera and that is likely to continue in the next phones with improvements. It is said Apple is working with LG to introduce a 3D camera that will be able to recognize physical objects and support augmented reality. The selfie camera will see the addition of depth sensing feature.

As far as the battery is concerned, there is no news about an increase in capacity yet but the new iPhones will most probably have a wireless charging feature as well as a USB Type-C enabling fast charge.

Should you upgrade?

If you have set your sights on the new iPhone 7S there’s little anyone can do to prevent you from buying. However, if you own an iPhone 7 we’d suggest you wait for the iPhone Edition, Apple’s tenth-anniversary phone, instead of spending around £599 on this one.

Image Source: Forbes

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