Everything Vivo unveiled at MWC Shanghai 2019

Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2019 is finally here and many tech companies are eager to show off their new products and devices to the world. Vivo also finally got a chance to showcase what it has been cooking up in its innovation for long till now.

The company gave us all the blessing of a pop-up selfie camera last year, let’s see which new products and devices it has come up with in the year 2019.

Innovations for the 5G era

Vivo 5G

Ahead of MWC Shanghai 2019, the Chinese firm announced its new strategy to hasten its innovations related to smart devices and applications to welcome the 5G era. It will be expanding its 5G device offerings to include AR glasses, smart watches, smart headphones and more.

Vivo also plans to adopt a multi-device, multi-application, and multi-scenario approach in its development, in order to support the needs of consumers to connect with the digital and the physical world and to provide a more holistic, richer user experience across all Vivo 5G devices.

Vivo’s first 5G smartphone for users

Vivo 5G smartphone

Vivo also introduced its first-ever 5G smartphone which will be available commercially in the third quarter of 2019. The company also introduced a range of 5G applications including 5G Cloud Game, 5G Screen Mirroring, and 5G EasyShare and many more smart life scenarios based on the 5G network and smartphone.

For example, the 5G Cloud Game demonstrated at MWC does not run on the smartphone itself, but on the cloud via 5G network thanks to 5G’s ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency. Through cloud rendering services, video and audio is streamed in real-time to the device. By shifting the processing from the device to the cloud, users can now enjoy high-definition picture quality and low-latency gaming experience. This working model also applies to 5G Screen Mirroring and 5G EasyShare.

Vivo AR Glass

Vivo AR Glass

Another cool device unveiled by Vivo at MWC Shanghai 2019 is its first Vivo AR Glass which supports dual-screen display and 6DoF Technology.

Once the user connects the Vivo AR Glass with their 5G smartphone, it can experience a variety of applications like mobile office, AR games, 3D high-definition video, facial recognition and object recognition on their spectacles.

The Vivo AR Glass will project the phone’s content and the user will be able to select, switch or control any application with the help of the 5G smartphone. For example, if you are playing a game, your smartphone will be the main console but when you are on a mobile office setting, your phone will become your keyboard.

Vivo AR Glass currently supports only five types of applications including mobile game, mobile office, 5G theatre, facial recognition, and object recognition.

120W Super FlashCharge

Vivo Super FlashCharge

Last but not least, Vivo also introduced the much anticipated 120W Super FlashCharge technology. According to the company, the new Super FlashCharge technology can help to provide a 50% charge for a 4000mAh battery in 5 minutes and can fully charge the phone in just 13 minutes.

The Super FlashCharge 120W reportedly features a new charge pump technology with customizable Type-C data cable and travel charger which makes 120W ultra-high power charging (20V/6A) a reality.

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