Google Home and Amazon Alexa

In the era of 2017, the competition in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing and the big companies have introduced their virtual assistants, which are based on the AI. Two of the most popular assistants are Google Home, which was previously known as Google Chirp, and Amazon’s Alexa. Both of these devices allow the user to do their daily tasks like setting an alarm, turning on/off the lamp, controlling the other home appliances etc. One of the reasons why people are moving towards this kind of devices is because they are more convenient and save a lot of time.

Google Home is a powerful virtual assistant while the Amazon’s Alexa is its rival. You can control Google Home by saying the words “OK Google” and Amazon Alexa by saying “Hey Alexa.” The two come with a number of features, which can be accessed by using different kinds of voice commands. The Google’s virtual assistant uses Google Cast for connecting to different devices while the Alexa uses Bluetooth technology, which makes it easier to use. You can also connect it to the wearable devices as it is compatible with them. The devices use the microphone for the voice assisting features.

The data that passes through Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home is fully encrypted and it is very difficult for the cybercriminals to hack the servers. You can use third-party applications with the Google Home and there is also an app available on the Google’s Play Store, and you can install it to control this device. When it comes to Amazon’s Alexa, the company claims that this device is faster and more efficient than the other AI-based services. There is also a mute button, which is fixed at the top of this device, and the user can press it to mute the sounds coming through this system.

Google Home comes with a number of features, which are based on Google’s own search engine and it searches the tasks on the web before starting them. Moreover, Google’s AI device collects and saves your data into its servers and you can later access it from your smartphone or computer or any other Internet-connected device, This makes Google Home a bit more efficient and faster than Amazon’s Alexa, but we can’t say that it is the best. In the end, we can say that both the Google Home and Amazon Alexa come with a large number of features and both are competing with each other and it is very hard to say which one is better.


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