Export from Pakistan in 2018 grew by 3.7% for telecom, computer and info services

Export from Pakistan for telecommunication, computer and information services reached a value of $ 539 million worth in the first half of current fiscal year, July – December 2018.

Overall, an increase of 3.78% was witnessed as compared to the exports of the previous year in the same period. Exports were recorded at $ 520 million in the from July – December 2017.

Although there is an increase in the first half of the ongoing financial year, but the export of telecommunication services declined by 15%. Earlier they were $ 176 million between July – December 2017, but they were recorded at $ 148 million during July – December 2018.

Call centers service export which becomes 33% of overall telecommunication service export showed a 9.2% increase. It stood at $ 49 million whereas it was $ 45 million a year earlier.

Similarly, “Computers” which majorly include hardware and software consultancy service reflected an increase in export by 13%. PBS data shows the value of $ 389 million this year against the $ 342 million in the same period a year before.

Interestingly, hardware, which is just a meager part of the overall computer services, came down by 65% from $ 2.5 million to $ 0.9 million, whereas, the value of software consultancy grew by 24% from $ 140 million to $ 175 million.

Export from Pakistan also include the services of maintenance and repair of computers which recorded a 259% increase in the value of services during July – December 2018. It stood at mere $ 0.9 million a year earlier but this year so far shows a figure of $ 3.2 million.

Information services which mainly comprise of news agency service and other information service witnessed an increase of 94%. They grew from $ 0.7 million to $ 1.5 million in the same period.

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