ExtraTorrent, the second largest Torrent site Shuts Down Permanently

ExtraTorrent shuts down

After the doom of Torrentz, TorrentHound KickAss Torrents and Pirate Bay, another popular site, ExtraTorrent bites the dust. The second largest and long time torrent site without any explanation abruptly went offline and is said to be gone forever.

ExtraTorrent Disclaimer
Message by the ExtraTorrent management

According to the statement published on their website, the website has shut down permanently and all of their data would be erased. It also warned people to stay away from fake ExtraTorrent websites and clones.

The reason behind the voluntary shutdown is not clear but according to various speculations, the legal pressure and shutdown of KickAss Torrents and blocking of Pirate Bay domains might have played a role in convincing the admins to let the site go for good.

ExtraTorrent started its operation in 2006 and eventually became the second largest torrent site with millions of daily followers. The torrent industry has been a major threat to the entertainment industry as millions are lost because people prefer to download the movie/tv series from such websites.

It needs no explanation that due to copyright infringement, these sites are working illegally. Last week, a group of hackers called TheDarkOverlord tried to ransom a stolen copy of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 to Disney. They threatened the entertainment company to leak the movie online if they refuse to pay up in bitcoins.

Reportedly, Disney didn;t curb to blackmail and is working alongside the FBI to catch the hackers. Though recently, TorrentFreak revealed that the movie leak was fake which was meant to troll reporters and the torrent and movie fans.

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