Exynos 9810 chipset

Samsung is starting off the new year releases with the introduction of its latest flagship chipset, Exynos 9810 which apart from improved performance teases the use of neural networks and deep learning for face detection and image recognition.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is all the charm in chipsets nowadays. Huawei surprised the smartphone lovers last year with its Kirin 970 chipset with AI capabilities embedded inside the chipset. For Exynos 9810, Samsung hasn’t given a definitive answer yet as to whether it has AI built-in the chipset or is it just better optimized to handle the AI tasks for the user.

Facial recognition and Deep Sensing

Last year, we saw that the facial recognition software by Samsung was not secure enough and can be tricked by a still photograph, Apple, on the other hand, wowed the tech community with FaceID in iPhone X that was almost as secure as the TouchID, all thanks to the technology provided by the US-based tech giant.

With Exynos 9810, Samsung will go after Apple’s FaceID feature as according to the company, the biggest advantages of the new chipset to be “realistic face-tracking filters as well as stronger security when unlocking a device with one’s face.”

Owing to the depth sensing feature in the new chipset, we can expect something along the lines of Animoji and FaceID from the company’s flagship devices.


The new devices will also be able to shoot 4K video at 120fps where iPhone X only tops out at 60fps. The users will likely be able to record slow-mo videos in 4K quality too.


The single core performance of Exynos 9810 is twice good as compared to Exynos 8895 whereas the multi-core performance is 40% better than the predecessor. It will also enhance the battery life of the device as it has four efficiency cores for extending battery life.

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